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Nephrology Department

Nephrology is the branch of internal medicine medicine that is concerned with the study of kidneys and normal kidney function, kidney diseases and factors affecting the kidney health.

Nephrology is usually known as “kidney medicine.” Kidneys are bean shaped organs which are in either side of retroperitoneal space. Human body consists of two kidneys which serves the function of removing waste products and excess fluids from the body. Kidneys are also responsible for fluid retention in body and maintaining the electrolyte concentrations in the body in case of intake of medicine and other reasons.

Aggarwal hospital provides top notch comprehensive treatment to the patients suffering from varied range of diseases from acute to chronic diseases Good kidney health is indispensable for a healthy human life therefore at Aggarwal hospital we strive to provide the best health advice and nephrologists who have years of expertise and unparallel devotion to their patients.We have the best team offering treatment in variety of kidney diseases through non invasive procedures.We at Aggrawal Hospital treat  urine abnormalities like excess excretion of protein,blood and sugar. We offer treatment for acid fluctuations, acute or sudden renal failure, kidney infections, nephritis and  nephrotic syndrome ,kidney stones, bladder stones, effects of diabetes and hypertension on the kidneys, autoimmune vasculitis, renal vascular diseases that cause disturbance in blood network in kidneys,polycystic kidney diseases , cancers of kidney ,bladder and urethra.

We have advanced technology for better diagnosis of kidney diseases, their monitoring and state of the art dialysis units available to get faster recovery from the disease.

Patient Reviews

Best Patient Care

visited here, cleaning, maintenance & set-up is amazing. This hospital is one of the top Hospital in Punjab. Support services work is excellent. All Doctors and staff are very coprative. I will be very thankful to all staff, keep it up.


Wow very nice well equipped Hospital. Excellent doctors & staff. Doctor is a great and caring staff. She offers helpful advice and suggestions.

Satpal Singh Multani

It was an amazing experience getting treated by Doctor. My mother went under knee replacement surgery and seeing her stand on her feet with straight knees is like a miracle. The care and support by the staff - it is like a 5 star experience. I stayed with my mom the whole time and from the care to the staff to the food, everything was wow. Heartiest thank you to Aggarwal team

Thmidul Khan