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GI Surgery

Gastrointestinal surgery (GI) surgery is a specialized area of surgery which deals with the surgical ailments of stomach, oesophagus, small intestine, large intestine, gall bladder, pancreas, rectum, anal canal, and bile ducts.

The best health of the digestive tract is imperative to a good life.Various reasons such as poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition,hormonal issues can affect the digestive health and  can cause major diseases like benign cysts and tumours, conditions like appendicitis, colon infections, gall stones, pancreatic cancer .These conditions can worsen over time without diagnosis and treatment though this area of medical science has gained through  immense innovations and advancements in the medical techniques which is why this field is highly revolutionised in recent times. Complex gastrointestinal surgical problems can now be treated with technological advance surgical methods and patients can recover at a much faster rate. Our hospital specializes in Hepatic-pancreatic- biliary (HPB) surgery, Upper Gastrointestinal surgery and Colorectal surgery .

We have a renowned and experienced surgeons  team which specializes in  comprehensive treatment for patients suffering from the ailments of the digestive tract .Our approach to treat patients is very collaborative and  we believe in the timely intervention to cure the disease whilst surgery is still preventable .The accuracy is diagnosis play a big role in this approach  as the disease is slowly progressing and early  diagnosis can prevent a major surgery that could be painful or more damaging to body. Moreover, our trained physicians have acquired top skills in handling not only the traditional surgical procedures but the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques that are presently used in gastrointestinal surgery.

 The treatment program we offer have  gained popularity and is widely recognised because of  our minimal non invasive surgical methods, excellent facilities, dedicated post operative care to the patients .Our experienced surgeons can treat conditions like achalasia ,appendicitis ,bowel obstructions and other bowel ailments ,Gastrointestinal reflux disease(GERD), pancreatic cysts and pancreatitis , benign tumours and various other conditions affecting the stomach, duodenum, bileducts , pancreas and gall  bladder. Our state-of-the-art facilities enables a fast and safe recovery for the patient. We take extreme care in treating specific gastrointestinal cases.

We have the facilities of:

Endoscopic surgery: Endoscopy uses an endoscope inserted through mouth, nose, or other natural opening to get access of area to be treated. The surgeon here inserts small instruments through the endoscope to perform the surgical process.

Laparoscopic Surgery: A laparoscope ii s used to perform the surgery here. A laparoscope is a thin flexible tube with a lighted camera which is inserted by making a small incision in the treatment area. To access the treatment area, other small incisions are done in other area and then surgery is performed.

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Wow very nice well equipped Hospital. Excellent doctors & staff. Doctor is a great and caring staff. She offers helpful advice and suggestions.
Satpal Singh Multani
visited here, cleaning, maintenance & set-up is amazing. This hospital is one of the top Hospital in Punjab. Support services work is excellent. All Doctors and staff are very coprative. I will be very thankful to all staff, keep it up.❤️❤️
Asif Khan
One of the best hospital of Punjab well maintained and very experienced doctors and very supportive staffs .Thanks for managing my follow up consultation so smoothly. I highly recommend Aggarwal hospital.
Arifa Begum