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Chest Department

The upper front part of the human body which contains lungs and heart is called chest. It lies between the base of the neck and diaphragm. Various types of diseases and conditions affect the chest which includes flail chest, pleurisy, and atelectasis. However, the most common is the chest pain which affects many people of varied age groups. The conditions mentioned here can be hereditary or caused by birth defects and trauma or injury to the upper body. These conditions reduce the ability to breathe deeply or cough.  These are called as chest diseases.

  Injury to the chest also known as thoracic trauma can be fatal. Chest trauma involves derangement in the flow of air and blood. Oesophageal perforations causing the sepsis in the alimentary canal and the inner tissues also worsen the conditions in thoracic region. Second is the blunt trauma which is better known as chest wall injuries include rib fractures. These injuries are quite painful and can affect the ventilation as they make breathing difficult. Injuries to the lungs such as direct lung injuries, pulmonary contusions cause major chest trauma. Chest pain is very common and can happen due to respiratory problems, digestive issues, musculoskeletal infirmities. Chest pain can trigger cardiac arrest in some cases. As chest pain can happen due to myocardial infarction or heart attack. It occurs with symptoms of chest pain, great discomfort in chest and feeling of heavy weight placed on body.

Chest pain is also experienced after increase in the activity such as exercise. Upper respiratory tract infections can also lead to chest pain. Viral infections known as shingles can also cause chest pain. Other reasons causing chest pain can be injuries to sternum and rib cage. Atelectasis which is a non cardiac reason can also cause chest pain. In this, a portion of lungs becomes airless and collapses. At our esteemed hospital, we have expert pulmonologists with years of experience who can treat asthma, conditions of chest, emphysema, pneumonia, and complicated chest infections.

Our pulmonology department works in collaboration with the other departments like cardiology department, cardiothoracic department. We have trained critical care department which work closely with this department to ensure timely mechanical ventilation availability to the critically ill patients. We make use of the advanced procedures of bronchoscopy and pleuroscopy to treat variety of pulmonary diseases.

Our medical laboratory is state of the art offering accurate blood testing. We have the facilities of spirometry, bronchoscopy and pulmonary function testing, CT scan, chest X-ray available at our hospital.

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Best Patient Care

visited here, cleaning, maintenance & set-up is amazing. This hospital is one of the top Hospital in Punjab. Support services work is excellent. All Doctors and staff are very coprative. I will be very thankful to all staff, keep it up.


Wow very nice well equipped Hospital. Excellent doctors & staff. Doctor is a great and caring staff. She offers helpful advice and suggestions.

Satpal Singh Multani

It was an amazing experience getting treated by Doctor. My mother went under knee replacement surgery and seeing her stand on her feet with straight knees is like a miracle. The care and support by the staff - it is like a 5 star experience. I stayed with my mom the whole time and from the care to the staff to the food, everything was wow. Heartiest thank you to Aggarwal team

Thmidul Khan